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  "We have an App for that!"

Cash Registers Are Old School!         


Make checkout 3x faster!  We have designed a "Cash Register App" which allows you to simply push the button on the app that corresponds to a "Price Code" found on each item. (See "Price Codes" section of our website for further details.)


The App automatically adds up each item – making check out Fast & Easy!


Best of all, the App will work with what ever prices you select: "Approx. 10% Mark-Up", "Approx. 20% Mark-Up" or you can completely "Set your own prices"!Optional - Credit Card Processing on our Smartphone APP! (Great for night & weekend sales)


The App vs. Cash Register:


The "Old School" thought process is to use a cash register with 30 students waiting in line - like you would at a retail store with out enough check out lanes open. Some of our competitors paint a picture that the cash register makes it easy, however they send you a cash register that is not pre-programmed, not pre-programmed with the prices you charge, or a register that has so few pre-programmable keys that your cashier finds it confusing and frustrating.Most of our groups have found that you can check out students much faster with multiple (2 or 3) cash boxes and our "Price Code" sheet. Last year, a volunteer joked that we should create "an App for that" – and we listened! Now you have the best of both worlds: You can use our "Price Code" sheet or download our "Cash Register App" on as many devices as you like. Speeding up check out like never before!The App is available for both Apple or Android Devices. Examples: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android based Phones & Tablets.


Don't worry if you don't have an Apple or Android device.


We have also developed a "Web-based Cash Register" that can run on any Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone or Computer with an internet connection! If a pre-programmed cash register is important to you we still have them available.Did you know?Smartphone shipments in 2010 outpaced all PC'sSmartphone sales outpaced Standard Mobile Phones in Q1 of 2011Tablet sales are projected to outpace Netbook sales by 2012Tablet sales are projected to outpace laptop sales by 2014

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