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  • Up to 50% Profit

  • 100% Guarantee

  • Products Made in America

Fundraiser Prize Program

Prize Programs are proven to increase sales.  Prize Programs apply to certain brochures.  Ask for details 

Incentives & Prizes !!!

Fall Fundraising Brochures

Frozen Food Fundraising Brochures

Spring 2019 Fundraising Brochures

EXCLUSIVE FUND RAISING BROCHURES - High profit, quality and value!

Product offerings that emphasize American Made, Green & Healthy!


Winter Wonderland and Perfect Presents - up to 50% profit

Vouchers, mixes, internet & candles - up to 40% profit

Gourmet Goodness - cheese, sausage, candy, popcorn & mixes - up to 40% profit

Frozen Food Programs - up to 40% profit




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