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Lil' Shopper's Shoppe

Where Children Learn the Joy of Giving 

Three Fun and Safe Ways to Run Your Holiday Shop

The Lil' Shopper's Shoppe understands that 2020 is not a "normal" year.  In an effort to make the students, staff, and volunteers feel safe, we are offering the following three options.  In addition, we will waive the cancellation fee if you are unable to run your shop for any reason. 

NOVEMBER HOLIDAY SHOPS: Many schools run a successful holiday shop in November, this is a great option if your school plans to close between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  


Traditional Holiday Shop

  • Merchandise is Shipped to the School

  • Volunteers Set-up the Shop in School

  • Students walk through Shop, select gifts, and make purchases


Touchless Shop: School Delivery


  • Merchandise is shipped to the school

  • Volunteers set up the shop in the school

  • Students walk through the shop and enjoy a touchless preview of the gifts and/or preview the gifts online from the safety of their classrooms or home

  • Students pick out gifts and record selections on an order form

  • Students place order form and money in the budget envelope

  • Volunteers collect order forms and money

  • Volunteers pack up individual orders and deliver to classrooms

  • Profit to the school: 0%, 10% or 20% 


Virtual Holiday Shop

  • Parent letter and/or email is sent to families

  • Families shop and pay for gifts online

  • Gifts are shipped directly to individual family homes

  • Dates: Shop runs during November, all orders must be received by Thanksgiving to guarantee Christmas delivery.

  • Profit to the school: 5%, Free shipping on orders $35+

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